Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Cursed Tomb

I don't expect many to remember Adham Khan from history books. History books, after all are like mistresses, you are all over them till your purpose is achieved and then you never look back at them again. However you might remember him from Magnum Opus Jodha Akbar. He was the foster brother of Akbar and the son of Akbar's wet nurse Maham Anga. He was a complete rogue and was famous was kidnapping the wives of the kings he defeated in the wars and adding them to his harem. However he chewed more than he could swallow when he killed Atgah Khan at Agra fort. Atgah Khan was husband of another wet nurse of Akbar, Jiji Anga. Atgah Khan was very close to Akbar and an able administrator. The moment Akbar heard that Adham had murdered Atgah, he ordered Adham Khan to be thrown from the terrace of the fort till the time he was dead. He was thrown once but since he was not completely dead , he was bought back and thrown again.
Legend is that the tomb is cursed by Rani Roopmati. Rani Roopmati was the wife of Baaz Bahadur, the King of Manda. Baaz Bahadhur was killed by Adham Khan and before he could set his eyes on Rani Roopmati she commit ed suicide and cursed Adham Khan that no women will ever set foot in his tomb.

However, when I visited the tomb on a foggy Delhi afternoon, I could see many women sitting outside the tomb. Maybe they cared more about a good winter afternoon sun than the curse of Rani Roopmati. The Tomb is situated right next to Mehruli Bus Terminal. You can take a metro till Qutab Minar Metro Station and then walk or take an auto to the Bus Terminal.
The tomb is not exactly in ruins, however the surroundings are unkept and dirty. The care taker told me that since the tomb is right in the middle of a very busy area, the residents here treat the tomb as the backyard and any resistance by him to stop them from dirtying the place is usually met with violent resistance. There were people there playing cards, children cycling , Aunties cutting vegetables and an entire herd of goats happily loitering around.

Even the goats at Adham Khan tomb are rogue. This huge buck( male goat) with evil looking eyes, salivating mouth and big sharp horns had nothing but evil intentions for a sweet, innocent doe( female goat). Time and again he was trying to mount her and she trying to escape from his evil grip. The moment she saw me, she starting following me , thinking that Iam her knight in shinning armour( probably she had a poster of Bollywood movie for lunch). I could hear her screaming BAAH BAAH BACHAO. But Alas! I was just not man enough to save her, those big horns giving me the shivers..
Guess the curse is true, for the goats at least!


  1. The photos are a treat. I'll check this out next time I'm in the area. You want to do weekend history trails for me in Delhi? I'm looking for someone who is willing to read and likes to talk :)

    Deepa from Delhi Magic

  2. Thanks for your comments Deepa. I am all game for the weekend history trails. My interest lies in exploring the hidden and lesser known places of delhi and stories behind them. You can contact me at 9871000537.

  3. These are facts that I didn't know, yes you are right about people remembering Adham Khan from Jodha-Akbar. Thanks for sharing the info and pix.

    I hope and pray to for your kittens to get well soon.