Friday, September 30, 2011

In the name of Shower, give Bathroom its Freedom!!!

 Now in my humble opinion Bathrooms are supposed to be a little dirty. Its in their destiny to be dirty, God meant it that way or else why would they be Bathrooms? Wouldn't they be a living room in some shining penthouse in Pansheel Park if they were supposed to be spic and span?
And pray why should bathrooms be dry? Remember they have taps and shower and tubs, and remember all these things are supposed to have water in them so that one can take bath and remember when you take a bath the bathroom is supposed to get wet. Yes WET! not dry because they is no such thing as dry shower.
And toilet seat, why should they be down all the time? Its not as if they are open manholes and somebody would fall in them. Also, can somebody please explain why you cannot read books and newspaper in the toilet, its not as if we are using them as toilet papers and then putting them back on the shelf!
And the towel! Now why cant the towel be left hanging in the Bathroom to dry. The objective is that is has to dry, period! Now whether it drys on the clothes stand in the Balcony, in the bathroom or on the chair in the bedroom what difference does it make? Unless off course you tell me that the main source of rain in Delhi is the water that evaporates from my towel when I hang in in the balcony.
Also, why cant you flush the cigarette butt in the Toilet ? It takes a lot of crap any which ways, what difference can a tini winie ciggy butt make in the entire sewage system? Its bio- degradable and hell it might even help in creation of compost, who knows?
Paintings, Yes Sire! paintings in the Bathrooms. " Come dahling, I just bought a new painting thats hanging in my Bathroom, lets sip our wines and appreciate the painting in the Bathroom"
So ladies and Gentleman , in the name of Bathroomity, I urge you to let the Bathroom be.. err..just that... BATHROOM!